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Laura Simonds-Rumpf is a Registered Horticultural Therapist, as granted by the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA, where she is a professional member and serves on the board of directors.  She received her training in horticultural therapy from the Horticultural Therapy Institute at Colorado State University. She is an independent contractor and owner of LSR Horticultural Therapy, and co-owner of Cultivating Well-Being through therapeutic horticulture, LLC.

Laura has provided horticultural therapy (HT) to a variety of populations, including those living with dementia, anxiety and depression, the effects of stroke, brain injury, developmental and intellectual challenges. She co-founded and facilitated the monthly Garden Discovery Walks in partnership with the UW Medicine Memory & Brain Wellness Center and the Seattle Parks & Rec's Dementia-Friendly program (featured in the Fall, 2018 and Fall, 2017 edition of Dimensions magazine). Laura collaborated in the design and implementation of Maude's Garden in Seattle. She was a presenter at the 2019 Northwest Nature and Health Symposium at the University of Washington. She is currently providing programming in Southern Maine through Cultivating Well-Being through therapeutic horticulture, LLC


In 2015, Laura served as interim Horticultural Therapy Program Director at Melwood Horticulture Training Center in Maryland, a day program for adults with intellectual disabilities. In Spring, 2016, she represented Melwood at the US Botanic Garden's "Flourish" exhibit in Washington, DC. 

Laura has also worked with youth of various abilities in US schools and abroad. She lived overseas for nearly 20 years where she and her husband raised their two children and has developed an appreciation of cultural, social and religious differences and similarities. She currently resides in Southern Maine, USA.


 Laura is an avid gardener and is happiest outdoors. She also enjoys painting and creating other works of art.

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